Smart Metering System
Agnotech delivers intelligent water gas and electric smart metring system to collect transmit and manage utility data in real time. The meters send consumption information using GSM/GPRS/CDMA technology to data collection centre. We integrate this technology with new or excising meters and processes of the business. Our technology benefits the utility providers in managing revenue cycle more efficiently and to optimise operational and utility distribution efficiency through features like activation/ deactivation; real time monitoring and management. The utility consumers, with the use of a web portal connection, can access and analyze the billing information and usage pattern in real time. 
Institution Management System
Institute Management System is very customized and user-friendly software for Institutes. This System is capable of managing Enquiry details, Student Details, Faculty Details, and Payment Details etc. It also provides very helpful report for managing the institutes in easy and accurate way. It has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large institutes.
 Accounting Analytical Tool
Accounting Analytical Tool enables you to compare the company's performance against previous years and with its competitors. Ratios enable you to quickly see the relative value of one thing against another, eg two items on the balance sheet.