Data warehousing

The data warehouse is the key behind a competent Business Intelligence system. This is the place to store and organize your data so business users can access and query it to help the company move in the right direction. It is critically important that the data warehouse be accurate, up-to-date, and the trusted source for your business intelligence.

Data warehousing offers flexibility to managers to access the data using queries. This easy access to complicated data enables effective business analysis and business forecasting, which in turn provides great insight on various trends and supports in faster and better decision making.

Agnotech is providing a truly unique solution based on the simplicity of a single central data warehouse. We offer Data Warehousing Services tailored to many diverse industries in the following areas:

Architecture Design and Modeling Services — Design and architect your data warehouse to meet the needs of both business and IT users. Architecture and design services help identify business opportunities, examine current data warehouse maturity, build a business case and define a roadmap to ensure the data warehouse continually meets business needs.

Data Warehouse Migration Services — centralize your data into an enterprise data warehouse through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform.

Enterprise Data Management Services — Integrate, validate, manage and protect data from the point of origin to its eventual discontinuation.

Analytical Services — assist in forecasting, decision support, application development and implementation for both operational and strategic users.

Performance Services — optimize your system through performance and capacity analysis. We can also implement workload management tools and application tuning techniques to improve data warehouse performance.

Managed Services — our experts utilize field-tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools to manage and monitor day-to-day tasks required to maintain an optimum data warehouse environment.

 Document Management

Agnotech help gain control over paperwork. Once captured and scanned, a confusing paper trail is replaced with an electronic business workflow that is easy to track, escalate and manage. Electronic files and emails are automatically indexed and archived. End-to-end visibility improves business intelligence, delivers on-time reporting and full auditing. You always know who created a document, where, when and how it was modified, and ultimately, where it is securely stored

Key Benefits:-

  • Automation cuts costs and increases productivity
  • Version control ensures a full audit of all documents
  • Multiple search criteria means instant access
  • More control and secure storage means better governance

 Web Application development

Agnotech recognizes speedy and critical needs of a business unit and also the concentration required in a web application venture. We have the ability to recognize and analyze your business desires and can plan a framework to attain these goals.

We are privileged to have team of web application development professionals who are skilled to adapt according to the need of the project, company's services, goals and finally your budget. We have a strong base of in-house development staff that has an expertise in server configuration, installation, internet infrastructure and security planning which are essential to meet the present as well as future business requirements. As it is observed that it is human psychology to always resist change, so the real accomplishment of any web application development company always depends on how few changes are being imposed.

Agnotech in real terms is truly concerned to enhance your business through a specialized web application development process putting across your services and products in the most effectual manner. An efficient application development which is customized according to the vision and corporate desire of the client leads to smooth execution of the company processes, reduction in cost, tremendous information management and higher gains.

 IT Consulting

Demands change, and in a complex market many businesses must act swiftly to reinvent themselves in order to meet their customers’ expectations. You need a competitive advantage that is sustainable and profitable. Our IT Consultants can make that happen for you. Their depth of technical knowledge combined with their expertise ensures you a sound strategy, specifically tailored to your business, and that spells success. You will not only keep pace with the competition you will be miles ahead with the implementation of the latest technology advances and business trends.

We will address your organizations unique needs and work transparently with you the client to define your business goals, strategies, and course of action. Then we will develop a solution that works and implement it throughout your business assuring consistency in all of your programs.

IT consulting is an important part of any business that is trying to determine what their next move is. Our IT consultants are made up of the best in the industry and so they have the ability to both think outside the box and act outside the box.

Web Design

We develop, maintain, and most importantly promote business websites for companies ranging from a single-location to all over the world. Our professional team of web design and promotion experts pride themselves on producing websites that do real business.

We produce sites that are based on CMS technology (content manageable site), that’s our specialty, and it’s the most important aspect of managing a website.

The process begins with rapid information gathering from clients and results in the culmination of everything in an effective design with CMS which best portray the client’s needs.